Love. The most powerful word on Earth. If used properly, it can give you immense strength and never ending sense of true freedom. It can bridge the gap between two souls and make them one. It can take you from the lowest to the highest point of your life, in a fraction of seconds.

In this highly competitive world, where “Survival of the fittest” is the only battle cry and “Money” the only measurement scale for success, LOVE is somehow losing its importance. ‘True love’ is an urban legend. 

Everyday we wake up and go for work. We carry our brain and body, leave the heart alone on bed. In a quest to think more logically and to outsmart our rivals, we have forgotten our real self. When I was a kid, heart was the biggest organ in my body. I loved everyone, friends, family, trees, squirrels, the mailman, plumber etc. Neighbors never seemed so annoying, laughing was so easy,had no worries, I woke up fresh [ unlike today, I sleep fresh and wake up tired ]. 

As I grew up, competition overpowered love. Money was my new God. ‘Love’ became just another term for ‘hurt’ and ‘suffering’. 

I am neither too old, nor wise enough to talk about love. But, there are times when I pause my life for few minutes and look around. It is then I realize, how vastly populated this whole world is and how lonely we are. I ask myself, ‘Will I ever find that special one ?? Will I ever find someone who loves me ?? ‘ 

I don’t get any replies. It is then, a fear grips inside me. The heart, which I didn’t carry with me when I left home, asks me a question. “What will you do when you face the person, you love the most”

Without answering I hurriedly get back to my lonely life. I have trained myself for competition, hatred and pain, but I don’t know ‘How to LOVE‘.