Don’t fall for that cute red thing called, YouTube. It looks friendly but is actually a trap. Yes, a TRAP.

Once you fall for it, you never come out. And , that’s what happened to me few days back.

It was a calm Sunday morning. There were few clouds outside and warm breeze was blowing. The green grass in my garden sparkled whenever the fresh sunlight touched it. It was a perfect Sunday for playing football (Soccer; I like to call it football).

BUT I decided to lock myself in my room and watch some amazing football videos and then, go out and play an hour later. It was the worst decision ever.

So it begins.I clicked on a video and started watching.I was mesmerized looking at the extraordinary dribbling skills of Cristiano Ronaldo. Then I saw few out of world goals by Messi. I was amazed looking at the skills and stamina of all those players.

Now, when I was watching the second football video, something caught my attention. Something, on the sidebar. “Fireworks at Olympic Opening Ceremony China”. Who doesn’t love fireworks ?? So i thought “Football can wait, let’s switch to fireworks” .

YET again, I was awestruck.  What a sight it was. The dark sky was lit with firecrackers of different color. It was the best ever firework in the history of Olympic opening ceremony.

Everything looked fine. But then, the video stopped playing. “buffering” as we like to call it. Seconds seemed like hours. I was circling the cursor around the video. As if, it will speed up the process. Patience is virtue, but not in the middle of fireworks and erotic movie.

The clip just started playing, and again, the sidebar played its trick. Something new caught my attention. ” A cat who barks like Dog”

“What the … !! Is it even possible.” That was my first thought. Love for firework vanished in a moment and I like a hypnotized slave clicked on the new video. To my utter surprise , a black cat was indeed barking like a dog. AND as soon as it saw the camera it started mewing again.

The sidebar brought up videos and I kept clicking through them one after another. I went though music videos, F.R.I.E.N.D.S bloopers, Dynamo’s magic tricks, Call of Duty gameplay, bodybuilding videos, meditation, cats , dogs and little kids with overprotective parents. I watched all of them. This went for, I don’t know how long. May be an hour.

I felt like a sailor, who suffered a shipwreck and was now flowing with the sea current. Now, I was reaching, the ‘weird side’ of YouTube. I don’t know how I reached there, but the last thing I remember is that , I was watching a music video of Rihanna. Then I saw something on the sidebar. “Rihanna exposes illuminati”

I was like “Alright, let’s see.” Secret societies are full of mystery and are always the center of attraction in Youtube.

I went through those videos one after another. Some say movies have subliminal messages, some making triangle with their hands as if it makes them look cool. Some even proved that the world will end on 31st April 2013..” Oh really?? would love to see how it ends ” .. Some other videos suggested that, whatever we’ve learned in school is a lie …. “May be that is why I don’t have a job, because I am the only one who knows the truth”

These videos, never seemed to end. Conspiracy, murder … blah blah blah..  blah blah blah .. blah blah blah…nothing more than bunch of superstitious men who look for conspiracy in everything and upload it on youtube. ‘Superstitious’ may not be the correct word. Feel free to choose a word which suits it better.

By this time, I was hungry, thirsty and completely stressed out.

Once again, for the last time, the sidebar showed its magic. A video caught my eye. “Romanian Beach Party”… OHH Yeah!!! … Hunger, thirst and stress disappeared into the mist. My hand, automatically reached for the mouse and the cursor traveled towards it.

The cursor was now on top of the video, I was about to click, when my Mom called me for dinner. Beach has to wait for some other day.

My mom called me again, this time louder.

“Wait a min… What did she say ??” … ” DINNER ??? ” ..

reality hit me like a truck. I lifted the curtains and saw, it was dark outside. I had lost track of time. Entire Sunday was wasted in front of my laptop and inside YouTube. There was no way I could “un-waste” it.

“Damn You Sidebar “