Yes it is, you’ll get to know in a moment. First, answer these questions and see how many ‘yes’ and ‘nos’ you get..

Did your classmates ever call you by names or spread rumors about you and you cried for hours? or said you are ugly ? or fat ? or mocked at your grades ? or laughed at you braces ? or your Dad told you that you’re useless ? or your boyfriend compared you to some other girl and you broke down? or your girlfriend is embarrassed to go out with you and you got mad at her ? .

Or is it something else that made you huffy and caused that displeasing feeling which ruined your day. [ do mention it in comments, the last time you got offended with someone ]

We usually get offended by people,we care, but,there are some sensitive people who get miffed with absolute strangers. 

Something or other has irked us, at different stages of our life. It is a human nature. We of us got frustrated, lost our minds and behaved violently. On the other hand some locked themselves in their room and cried for hours. 

I found a simple cute to all the frustration and that wounded feeling [which sometimes lasts for years] . It worked for me and it may work for you. No harm in trying, right. 

SO here it goes.

Whenever someone teases or compares or calls you by name or underestimates your potential or anything which discourages you. 

Say to yourself “It is THEIR opinion, not mine. Everybody has the right to express their views and they are doing it. In my opinion, I am a better person and I WILL do whatever I WANT to DO, no matter what the WORLD says” 

Getting offended is a sin, because its a sign of immaturity and an immature person doesn’t earn much respect in society. Keeping QUIET is not a sign of weakness and trust me ‘SILENCE’ is the most powerful reply to all the criticism you face [ But, when somebody talks about your mom, punch right on nose. Really, do it. ]

What I mean to say is, its your opinion about yourself that matters the most. What you think about yourself makes you special. Our personality develops around our thought. If you believe in yourself and if you love the man in the mirror, then in the end nothing else matters.