Do you have any idea what the title of this post means ? Neither do I. So let’s start reading it together and I’ll try to make you understand what I’m going through at this moment. 

Almost two weeks and I haven’t made a single posts. Well, I wasn’t on a vacation, am just going through a barren phase. An uninspiring, dull time period. I guess, every blogger goes through days or weeks, when he or she has nothing to write about, but deep inside you want to write. I’m going through one such time and I prefer calling it “DRY DAYS.” 

I really have no idea what to write. I’m like a 4 year old kid, who wants to express everything but has no words to justify his feelings. I love to compose about everything. From politics to sports, marriages to scandals, fashion to wardrobe malfunction, religion to bedroom fantasies .Everything. AND then,when you were thinking that you can sweep the world off its feet, you enter your DRY DAYS phase.

Days pass by, and you’re sitting in one corner of you room, thinking about what to write. Ideas come and go, but fails to impress you. Your once full imaginarium, is now just a piece of Kalahari.You sit in front of your computer with nothing impressive in your mind.

So I decided to write about my Dry Days.

The blogging world is huge. yes, HUGE. Thousands of bloggers with millions of new ideas working hard day and night [like oompa loompas ] to make their chocolate factory.. err…blog stand out. At times when I visit other blogs, I say to myself “Why don’t I get those ideas.”  But for a lonely blogger, ideas are precious. As precious as hot water in North Pole. 

When you’re going through dry days, nothing seems to work. Dark chocolate, coffee, testosterone supplements [ haven’t tried yet], occasional gangnam style dancing in my room etc etc. As if the entire Universe is stopping ideas to reach your mind. 

That is all I can say. I hope this dull phase goes away with the wind and never comes back.

Do post your experience on any such event of your life in the comment section.

Thank You