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Pizza is actually Yoga for tongue. Ordered a whole bunch ,for lunch to rejuvenate my taste buds. Image

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Q. Kaun banega agla pradhan mantri ??
A: ¬†I don’t know.

I’ve been thinking about this topic for last few days and 4 names popped up in my mind.
We’ll discuss about all of them.

First lets focus on the present scenario.
The policies of the Congress Govt have failed to satisfy “aam admi”. So called “mango people” by some of the ministers. I am one of those mangoes and I am DISAPPOINTED. Corruption, Scams and Scandals are hot topics of discussion in every household. The parliament is the highest institution in India and people have completely lost trust on it.
Reservation, price hike, increasing number of crimes in cities etc shows the complete failure of the ruling party.

Not only Congress, other political parties are drenched with corruption as well.

NOW its time to answer the BIG question .. muhahahaha **Evil Laugh** XD

Candidate No. 1

 Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia


Surprised ??
YES, you must be.
Even I’m surprised.
India may be talking about Rahul Gandhi but according to me Mr Scindia is the most¬†eligible¬†person in Congress. [ If Rahul can, then why can’t he] He is the son of Late Madhavrao Scindia and Madhavi Raje Scindia. He majored in Economics at Harvard University graduating in 1993. In 2001 he received M.B.A Stanford Graduate School of Business.

He was elected in Lok Sabha in Feb 2002 from Guna District. He was re-elected in May 2004 and again in 2009 when he was also appointed as Minister of State for Commerce and Industry in Govt. of India.

He is young, highly qualified and has more than 10 years experience in Politics. AND lately Mr Dickvijay Singh have denied from any possibilities of Rahul being next Prime Minister.

Candidate No. 2

 Narendra Damodardas Modi

The HULK of Indian Politics.

The most influential and powerful Indian politician at this moment. A follower of Swami Vivekanand.
He is the Engineer of modern Gujarat.
Has a vast experience in politics, has an impressive personality¬†and¬†never hesitates to take independent decision, unlike “SOME” other politicians.
Narendra Modi has been the member of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh since very childhood. He is a workaholic. He is an idol for thousands of young Indians.
Occasionally Modi wears business suits and interacts with netizens at Google+.
Narendra Modi may have faced lot of criticism from his opponents, but then, if you haven’t faced criticism in politics, it means you have never stood up for something.

Overall, he is the most deserving candidate and the toughest contender.

Candidate No. 3

   Arvind Kejriwal 

A favorite alternative for all those, who don’t want to vote for any of the existing political party.

Kejriwal graduated from IIT Kharagpur with a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering in 1989. He joined TATA Steel after graduation and left the job in 1992. ¬†He worked for Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of charity in Kolkata, Ramakrishna Mission in North-East India and Nehru Yuva Kendra.
In 1992 after qualifying Civil Services Examination , he joined the IRS as Joint Commissioner which he later resigned in 2002.
Kejriwal came into limelight during the “Jan Lokpal Bill” movement alongside¬†Anna Hazare.
And since then, haven’t stopped his fight against corruption.

Overall, a simple , humble and honest person, and willing to fight for the rights of common man.

He is not linked to any serous controversies, but his recent statement about Batla house encounter was not appreciated.

For last 50 years people have been voting for the same faces , lets support Kejriwal this time and give him enough power to make some serious changes.

Candidate No. 4

Dr. Subramanian Swami

He is the President of Janta Party. He has previously served as a member of  Planning Commission of India and a Cabinet Minister of India. He has a Bachelor Honours degree in Mathematics. He studied for hisMasters degree in Statistics at the Indian Statistical Institute. He went to study in Harvard University and received a Ph.D in Economics in 1965.
He is another person who has a huge experience in Indian politics. In fact, the senior most politician in this list.
He has very long list of achievements. <&lt; His party website. Visit here to know more about him and his party.
Congratulations, you have successfully finished reading my article and you are still awake.
Come on, pat yourself on the back.
GO and VOTE when your time comes.

In all our lives there is one such person, who knows you very well,but waits for the perfect moment to put you down.You want to avenge the insult and wait for the right time. And this goes on and on and on…just like a chain reaction.

Revenge is an integral part of human nature. It may no do us any good but I have to accept it, that, it gives an immense sense of satisfaction. The only problem with revenge is; it is a two sided sword. You may get back more than what you give.

So, in the search for best form of revenge, I looked into myself. I looked for the moments that has hurt me the most. After few hours of brainstorming I reached a conclusion.

To forgive an injury is often considered to be a sign of weakness; or is it a sign of strength ?? It is really easy to get carried away by resentment and hate into acts of vengeance; but it takes a strong character to restrain those natural instincts.

The man who forgives a harm done to himself, proves to be superior than man who does the harm, and puts the wrong doer in shame.Forgiveness turns a foe into friend.

So, forgiveness is the noblest form of revenge.

It is extremely sad and disappointing that the internet still serves as a huge basket of child porn contents. There are lot of laws against people browsing,sharing and downloading such materials, but not a single step has been taken to bring down porno stuff from the internet.

Is this what we leave behind for our children?? On one hand we take the pledge to make this world a better place and on the other hand, we decide to close our eyes against all the social evils around us.

The explicit content available online, is not only promoting pedophilia but also is responsible for the rise in rape cases in past 10 years. We as a world citizen must stand up against everything which proves to be a threat for our children.

What step should we take to bring an end to child pornography ? Are you aware of the damage it cause to our society ?

Let’s discuss and find out a solution.

Did you know , the water we drink is billions of years old.

I was born and brought in an Industrial town. It was happy little town with a population of less than 80,000 people.  There were 2 schools, 2 police stations, 1 hospital, 1 University, lots of houses and around 25 basketball courts. People were crazy about basketball, including me.

Childhood is the time, when curiosity and dreams are your reality. And the reality is something far beyond our imagination. We believed in the Government and had faith in police, unlike now.

So, I was in 5th grade back then and our summer vacations had just begun. It was 8 am in the morning and I was in my room doing homework. My room was a small one. Rectangular in shape. The walls were Navy blue and had white windows. There was bed at the end. A table and chair just in front of the bed. A big window to the right of table and a cupboard to the left. The window was facing our garden.

Our garden was a huge unattended piece of land. We had rose bushes and there were few hundred basil plants. I was in my room, studying , when something strange caught my attention. I ignored it and focused back on my books. BUT curiosity got better of me, I kept looking at the strange fruit hanging from the basil plant.

I have never seen such fruit before. It was orange and black in color. “May be its overripe or rotten” that’s what I thought. “Curiosity kills the cat ” they say and this time I was the CAT. My¬†inquisitiveness grew bigger and bigger and finally I decided to walk out and take look.

SO I went out to the garden. With every step, the fruit was growing bigger. I walked a few more steps. Then stopped. I was awestruck . It was beautiful . Oval in shape, orange and black in color. “You must touch this fruit immediately” my mind said. AND I followed.

I went a step ahead, placed my hands on my waist and observed it for another moment. Then I took my right hand and slowly moved forward to hold it. My palm was almost 3 inches away, when I felt a soft blow of warm air, at the bottom of my ring finger.

My right palm was still in the same position. Within a fraction of second, I saw a red “split” tongue coming out of the fruit. “Wait a minute, fruits don.’t have tongue ” and then I saw those black eyes “RETREAT !!! RETREAT !!! ITS A SNAKE” voices in my head screamed.

A cold current flowed from head to toe. I was frozen. As if someone hypnotized me or attacked me with a freeze ray gun. I stood there for 10 seconds but it seemed like an eternity. When I was somewhat stable, I ran straight to the kitchen and told my mom everything.

She came out with a stick in her hand. I was behind her. We searched for a while, but the snake was gone. “May be it went to its mom as well” I thought. I came back home and got a slice of chocolate cake as a reward.

Few days later , I saw that snake again in my garden. This time I was much for comfortable and knew it wouldn’t harm me. I named it “Mr Bill”. I raised my hand and waved slightly. Mr Bill brought out his tongue, as if to say “Nice to meet you too”.



Do you have any idea what the title of this post means ? Neither do I. So let’s start reading it together and I’ll try to make you understand what I’m going through at this moment.¬†

Almost two weeks and I haven’t made a single posts.¬†Well, I wasn’t on a vacation, am just going through a barren phase. An uninspiring, dull time period. I guess, every blogger goes through days or weeks, when he or she has nothing to write about, but deep inside you want to write. I’m going through one such time and I prefer calling it “DRY DAYS.”¬†

I really have no idea what to write. I’m like a 4 year old kid, who wants to express everything but has no words to justify his feelings. I love to compose about everything. From politics to sports, marriages to scandals, fashion to wardrobe malfunction, religion to bedroom fantasies .Everything. AND then,when you were thinking that you can sweep the world off its feet, you enter your DRY DAYS phase.

Days pass by, and you’re sitting in one corner of you room, thinking about what to write. Ideas come and go, but fails to impress you. Your once full imaginarium, is now just a piece of Kalahari.You sit in front of your computer with nothing impressive in your mind.

So I decided to write about my Dry Days.

The blogging world is huge. yes, HUGE. Thousands of bloggers with millions of new ideas working hard day and night [like oompa loompas ] to make their chocolate factory.. err…blog stand out.¬†At times when I visit other blogs, I say to myself “Why don’t I get those ideas.”¬† But for a lonely blogger, ideas are precious. As precious as hot water in North Pole.¬†

When you’re going through dry days, nothing seems to work. Dark chocolate, coffee,¬†testosterone supplements [ haven’t tried yet], occasional gangnam style¬†dancing in my room etc etc. As if the entire Universe is stopping ideas to reach your mind.¬†

That is all I can say. I hope this dull phase goes away with the wind and never comes back.

Do post your experience on any such event of your life in the comment section.

Thank You

Yes it is, you’ll get to know in a moment. First, answer these questions and see how many ‘yes’ and ‘nos’ you get..

Did your classmates ever call you by names or spread rumors about you and you cried for hours? or said you are ugly ? or fat ? or mocked at your grades ? or laughed at you braces ? or your Dad told you that you’re useless ? or your boyfriend compared you to some other girl and you broke down? or your girlfriend is embarrassed to go out with you and you got mad at her ? .

Or is it something else that made you huffy and caused that displeasing feeling which ruined your day. [ do mention it in comments, the last time you got offended with someone ]

We usually get offended by people,we care, but,there are some sensitive people who get miffed with absolute strangers. 

Something or other has irked us, at different stages of our life. It is a human nature. We of us got frustrated, lost our minds and behaved violently. On the other hand some locked themselves in their room and cried for hours. 

I found a simple cute to all the frustration and that wounded feeling [which sometimes lasts for years] . It worked for me and it may work for you. No harm in trying, right. 

SO here it goes.

Whenever someone teases or compares or calls you by name or underestimates your potential or anything which discourages you. 

Say to yourself “It is THEIR opinion, not mine. Everybody has the right to express their views and they are doing it. In my opinion, I am a better person and I WILL do whatever I WANT to DO, no matter what the WORLD says”¬†

Getting offended is a sin, because its a sign of immaturity and an immature person doesn’t earn much respect in society. Keeping QUIET is not a sign of weakness and trust me ‘SILENCE’ is the most powerful reply to all the criticism you face [ But, when somebody talks about your mom, punch right on nose. Really, do it. ]

What I mean to say is, its your opinion about yourself that matters the most. What you think about yourself makes you special. Our personality develops around our thought. If you believe in yourself and if you love the man in the mirror, then in the end nothing else matters. 




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