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Let’s get there straight.

To become a successful blogger,first you need to know, what is success ?? We all have different definition  for success, some want to earn extra cash [most of us want that] , for some success is just appreciation of their post, winning a blogging contest is considered as success by some .. etc etc

Whatever the definition of success may be, at the end of the day bloggers want more hits in their blog. We want more people to read our content. I’ll mention few points below which may help you in becoming a better blogger.

1. Choose a subject that interest you the most – If you love to cook , create a cooking blog. Post your personal recipes and tips,pictures and videos etc. If you are interested in photography, create a personal photography blog. Your life experience. A travel guide [if you travel a lot]. It can be anything. Try to find your comfort zone, what you like the most.

2. Be Original – Original post, pictures and videos are always appreciated. If not original, give proper credits.

3. Get a domain – Not necessary, but, if you are willing to earn some cash then buy a domain. Select a proper name, which clearly explains the purpose of your blog. Advertisers prefer websites rather than blog with a sub domain.

4. Advertise for FREE – Create a FB page and Twitter profile, get as many genuine members as possible. Make frequent updates and post your blog link. Comment on other blogs. Make your blog visible to others.

5. Wait and watch – Patience is the key. If you invest time in right direction, you WILL get positive return.

Hope it helps. For any other queries, do comment.

Good Luck.




What is Spirituality ?

Why do we need it ?

Can religion and spirituality coexist ?

I’ll answer all the questions above, before I do, let me tell you something.I’m not a Saint nor a Sinner neither I’m qualified enough to talk about religion. BUT as an individual and after spending 22 ‘glorious’ years on planet Earth, I’ve developed a perspective about religion & spirituality and in the next few minutes, I will tell you my opinion on this subject.

  • Understanding Religion

Before we plunge into spirituality, let us do some warm up. Lets talk about RELIGION. Religion may have different meaning for different individual. For me it is a PATH, certain set of guidelines given to you to live in harmony. BUT has religion served its purpose ??

For years, humans have killed each other in the name of God and religion. Even till this day,fundamentalists and extremists are brainwashing the youth and turning them against each other. Religion has ALWAYS divided us Or is it the religious leaders who divide us ? It is a matter of debate, we’ll get into it some other day.Religion and the concept of God has damaged the society beyond expectation.

We may have developed a lot in the field of science and technology, but our thought process has not  moved an inch. Most of us get offended when someone talks ill about our religion.  We protest and vandalize our own country’s property when our religious symbol is burnt down in some other part of the world. People still quarrel about wars and incidents which took place nearly thousand years ago. If such is the case, then there is something wrong with the theory of religion.

  • Spirituality

Religion may be a guideline, but spirituality is a LIFESTYLE. No matter who you are, an Engineer, a Doctor, Actor, Model, Wrestler etc anyone can be spiritual. You don’t have to leave your family, shave your head, wear saffron and go to the Himalayas to become spiritual. You can be spiritual simply sitting on your couch, yes its really simple. As I said, spirituality is lifestyle. It is a method for attaining a perfect balance between inner and outer self. Humans are a part of nature and to understand nature one must understand himself. AND you can only understand yourself, when you take the road to spirituality.

In this fast paced world when everything is one click away, all we need is mental peace. Religion in no way is helping us attain peace. Equanimity can be attained only through meditation and yoga.

NOW a bigger question, CAN religion and spirituality coexist ??

Answer is, YES they can. A spiritual person also believes in GOD, but his/her God is different from our God. For a spiritual person ‘God is in every living being on this planet.’ I’m a form of God, you are God, my pet Dog is God, the trees in my garden are God. We don’t have to carry a cross or go to Mecca or take a dip in the Ganges to serve God.

You can serve God by simply offering some food to the poor, adopt a pet who lost its leg or helping your neighbor is also serving God. Keep your religious books aside and take the path of spirituality. AND see the WORLD change in front of your eyes. 

This is my take on religion, spirituality and God. I’ll be glad to read your views on this topic, so please comment below.

-Thank You-

Humanity is constantly fighting a battle for survival. Yet another time it lost. Now in Jaipur,India.

Showing CCTV footage of the tunnel. This video may be disturbing for some. Viewer discretion is advised. [IBN7] 

This accident took place in Ghat ki Guni tunnel in Jaipur. A couple and their two children(a boy and a girl) were on the their motorcycle crossing the tunnel. A truck, hit their bike from behind. The 26 year old woman and her 8 month old daughter died within few minutes and the man(her husband) and her son, were sitting beside their body, confused, disoriented, asking for help and cursing their fate.

This is all about the accident. What happened after the accident is even more pathetic and heartbreaking.

You can see in the video. The man kept asking for help. The mother and her daughter were lying there, bleeding for more than 90 mins..Not a SINGLE car stopped to help them. May be, the seat covers in their car is more precious than somebody’s life.  Will they do the same thing, if something had happened to their family or friends ? The man in charge of monitoring the cctv footage, did nothing, but zoomed in and out the spot, as if he was directing a movie.

What is the use of all the education and degrees and titles we’ve earned, if it fails us to make a human ? Those people may have expensive cars but are no less than 16th century nomads. Such people are curse for the entire human race. They are a shame for the beautiful city of Jaipur and entire India.

May their soul rest in peace



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