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In my previous post I told you how my life is going on at this moment. It is going NO WHERE. Today when I woke up in the morning and opened my books, I had a feeling that, the way I am leading my life is taking me towards my destruction. I was getting wasted mentally and physically.

Such mornings rarely come in a person’s life. So I decided to utilize it. I sat and looked at my book for almost an hour, without reading a page. I could not concentrate. I was blank and full of regrets. Regretting every decision I have made in the past. Unfortunately, life doesn’t come with a reset button. So I closed my eyes and tried to calm my mind, trying to hear a voice which always shows you the right path.

As soon as I closed my eyes, there was an explosion of thoughts. I could see happy moments of my childhood day, embarrassing moments, sad moments etc. Different voices popped up one after another. I could see scenes from my daily life, some movie clips and music videos which I’ve watched recently. It was like sitting inside a boiling tank of thoughts.Then for the first time in LIFE, I realized how disturbed my mind is. 

To achieve your goal in life, you must first learn to control your brain. If your mind is disturbed, your life is disturbed. I kept my eyes closed for around 4 mins., that was the longest 4 minutes of my life. It was like travelling through my brain at the speed of light.

I was now in a more stable state of mind. I was able to control my emotions and think logically. I thought and thought and thought. Scribbled several things on my notebook and after 30 minutes of scribbling and thinking, ideas started flowing once again.

Now when I am typing this article, I feel extremely motivated and strangely hopeful. It is a new beginning and am ready to face LIFE head-on.  ❤



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