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In all our lives there is one such person, who knows you very well,but waits for the perfect moment to put you down.You want to avenge the insult and wait for the right time. And this goes on and on and on…just like a chain reaction.

Revenge is an integral part of human nature. It may no do us any good but I have to accept it, that, it gives an immense sense of satisfaction. The only problem with revenge is; it is a two sided sword. You may get back more than what you give.

So, in the search for best form of revenge, I looked into myself. I looked for the moments that has hurt me the most. After few hours of brainstorming I reached a conclusion.

To forgive an injury is often considered to be a sign of weakness; or is it a sign of strength ?? It is really easy to get carried away by resentment and hate into acts of vengeance; but it takes a strong character to restrain those natural instincts.

The man who forgives a harm done to himself, proves to be superior than man who does the harm, and puts the wrong doer in shame.Forgiveness turns a foe into friend.

So, forgiveness is the noblest form of revenge.


It is extremely sad and disappointing that the internet still serves as a huge basket of child porn contents. There are lot of laws against people browsing,sharing and downloading such materials, but not a single step has been taken to bring down porno stuff from the internet.

Is this what we leave behind for our children?? On one hand we take the pledge to make this world a better place and on the other hand, we decide to close our eyes against all the social evils around us.

The explicit content available online, is not only promoting pedophilia but also is responsible for the rise in rape cases in past 10 years. We as a world citizen must stand up against everything which proves to be a threat for our children.

What step should we take to bring an end to child pornography ? Are you aware of the damage it cause to our society ?

Let’s discuss and find out a solution.


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