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Let’s get there straight.

To become a successful blogger,first you need to know, what is success ?? We all have different definition  for success, some want to earn extra cash [most of us want that] , for some success is just appreciation of their post, winning a blogging contest is considered as success by some .. etc etc

Whatever the definition of success may be, at the end of the day bloggers want more hits in their blog. We want more people to read our content. I’ll mention few points below which may help you in becoming a better blogger.

1. Choose a subject that interest you the most – If you love to cook , create a cooking blog. Post your personal recipes and tips,pictures and videos etc. If you are interested in photography, create a personal photography blog. Your life experience. A travel guide [if you travel a lot]. It can be anything. Try to find your comfort zone, what you like the most.

2. Be Original – Original post, pictures and videos are always appreciated. If not original, give proper credits.

3. Get a domain – Not necessary, but, if you are willing to earn some cash then buy a domain. Select a proper name, which clearly explains the purpose of your blog. Advertisers prefer websites rather than blog with a sub domain.

4. Advertise for FREE – Create a FB page and Twitter profile, get as many genuine members as possible. Make frequent updates and post your blog link. Comment on other blogs. Make your blog visible to others.

5. Wait and watch – Patience is the key. If you invest time in right direction, you WILL get positive return.

Hope it helps. For any other queries, do comment.

Good Luck.





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