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Happiness is the byproduct of maturity. When you are mature, you are able to think logically and accordingly you take your decisions. When your decisions are right, you don’t regret, when you don’t regret, you are not upset and when you are not upset you are always HAPPY.

I will list here few ways, which will help you become more mature and finally you will become more happy.

  • Be SIMPLE and DIRECT – Don’t beat around the bush or expect people to read your mind about what you want. If something is bothering you, speak up, if you want or need something, go ask. Just NAIL it.

  • Be CONFIDENT – Use confident body language and tone. Demonstrate healthy confidence. Stand up for yourself and your rights, while respecting rights of others.

  • Be HONEST – Don’t make false promises. Don’t lie unnecessarily.

  • Say NO – Don’t do anything which you don’t like. Don’t get angry when others says NO to you.

  • Don’t apologize or feel guilty for expressing Need, Grant and Right. It is not your job to control or worry about others behavior.

  • You don’t have to justify and explain all your opinions or choices.

  • Be helpful and down to earth.

  • Stop Complaining – Don’t always rely on others. If something needs to get done, do it yourself. If you don’t like something about someone, go talk to that particular person. 

These were some simple ways which I have applied to my life. They worked for me and I hope they will work for you as well. Keep practicing and don’t stop till they become a habit.


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