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What are you afraid of ??

Is it failure or is it success. Are you afraid of taking risks ? or speaking truth ? or is it something else ?

Fear has no face, no description, no limit but it can break even the strongest man on earth.

I am just a common man, living a normal life like all others. I like white bread, potatoes, cheese, egg, Superman,rock music and WordPress. I have some expectations, some limitations and Yes, I have some fears.

I have been tackling fear with ignorance. It works fine for sometime, but then, it grows in size. Bigger, bigger and bigger. It feels like an alien invasion in your brain and you’re the only soldier fighting the huge army with a bow and arrow.

I was fighting like a brave soldier. Dodging bullets, taking cover and firing arrows at the same time.

But fear was approaching with great speed. Every method seemed to fail.

I was desperate to get my mind back. I wanted this war to end. So, I decided to fight fear with faith. 

I closed my eyes. At that moment, it felt like, I was holding the center stage of the Universe and every eye is fixed upon me. I didn’t lose my calm and asked myself a very simple question.

“How realistic are your fears ? Do they really exist or is it a byproduct of over thinking ?”

One by one, all my fears fell apart. I realized, none of them were actual fears. They were just virtual situations in my mind. If you too, sit and think for a while, you can overcome all your fears.

Now, when I had faith in my side, it was time for the Final Showdown. Me and fear face to face. For the first time fear seemed weak, it didn’t dare to stare into my eyes.I was becoming stronger, with every second passing. Finally fear had to quit. I was now, much more powerful and filled with faith.

For me, life was nothing but a vacation on tropical island and was not willing to take up challenges.

Expecting life to be a fairy tale is unrealistic.Life is real. Life is tough. Sometimes it’s really tough. It tests you and tosses you when you least expect.

But life is also adventurous, exciting, surprising and filled with hope. By improving our attitude, we can get over every problem.

After this long warfare and huge victory, I will now treat myself with a GIANT scoop of Nutella. I suggest you do the same. You deserve it.

Love. The most powerful word on Earth. If used properly, it can give you immense strength and never ending sense of true freedom. It can bridge the gap between two souls and make them one. It can take you from the lowest to the highest point of your life, in a fraction of seconds.

In this highly competitive world, where “Survival of the fittest” is the only battle cry and “Money” the only measurement scale for success, LOVE is somehow losing its importance. ‘True love’ is an urban legend. 

Everyday we wake up and go for work. We carry our brain and body, leave the heart alone on bed. In a quest to think more logically and to outsmart our rivals, we have forgotten our real self. When I was a kid, heart was the biggest organ in my body. I loved everyone, friends, family, trees, squirrels, the mailman, plumber etc. Neighbors never seemed so annoying, laughing was so easy,had no worries, I woke up fresh [ unlike today, I sleep fresh and wake up tired ]. 

As I grew up, competition overpowered love. Money was my new God. ‘Love’ became just another term for ‘hurt’ and ‘suffering’. 

I am neither too old, nor wise enough to talk about love. But, there are times when I pause my life for few minutes and look around. It is then I realize, how vastly populated this whole world is and how lonely we are. I ask myself, ‘Will I ever find that special one ?? Will I ever find someone who loves me ?? ‘ 

I don’t get any replies. It is then, a fear grips inside me. The heart, which I didn’t carry with me when I left home, asks me a question. “What will you do when you face the person, you love the most”

Without answering I hurriedly get back to my lonely life. I have trained myself for competition, hatred and pain, but I don’t know ‘How to LOVE‘.

A colorful afternoon

Purple garden flowers.
Camera: Nokia C300 – 2.0 Mpx

Happiness is the byproduct of maturity. When you are mature, you are able to think logically and accordingly you take your decisions. When your decisions are right, you don’t regret, when you don’t regret, you are not upset and when you are not upset you are always HAPPY.

I will list here few ways, which will help you become more mature and finally you will become more happy.

  • Be SIMPLE and DIRECT – Don’t beat around the bush or expect people to read your mind about what you want. If something is bothering you, speak up, if you want or need something, go ask. Just NAIL it.

  • Be CONFIDENT – Use confident body language and tone. Demonstrate healthy confidence. Stand up for yourself and your rights, while respecting rights of others.

  • Be HONEST – Don’t make false promises. Don’t lie unnecessarily.

  • Say NO – Don’t do anything which you don’t like. Don’t get angry when others says NO to you.

  • Don’t apologize or feel guilty for expressing Need, Grant and Right. It is not your job to control or worry about others behavior.

  • You don’t have to justify and explain all your opinions or choices.

  • Be helpful and down to earth.

  • Stop Complaining – Don’t always rely on others. If something needs to get done, do it yourself. If you don’t like something about someone, go talk to that particular person. 

These were some simple ways which I have applied to my life. They worked for me and I hope they will work for you as well. Keep practicing and don’t stop till they become a habit.


In my previous post I told you how my life is going on at this moment. It is going NO WHERE. Today when I woke up in the morning and opened my books, I had a feeling that, the way I am leading my life is taking me towards my destruction. I was getting wasted mentally and physically.

Such mornings rarely come in a person’s life. So I decided to utilize it. I sat and looked at my book for almost an hour, without reading a page. I could not concentrate. I was blank and full of regrets. Regretting every decision I have made in the past. Unfortunately, life doesn’t come with a reset button. So I closed my eyes and tried to calm my mind, trying to hear a voice which always shows you the right path.

As soon as I closed my eyes, there was an explosion of thoughts. I could see happy moments of my childhood day, embarrassing moments, sad moments etc. Different voices popped up one after another. I could see scenes from my daily life, some movie clips and music videos which I’ve watched recently. It was like sitting inside a boiling tank of thoughts.Then for the first time in LIFE, I realized how disturbed my mind is. 

To achieve your goal in life, you must first learn to control your brain. If your mind is disturbed, your life is disturbed. I kept my eyes closed for around 4 mins., that was the longest 4 minutes of my life. It was like travelling through my brain at the speed of light.

I was now in a more stable state of mind. I was able to control my emotions and think logically. I thought and thought and thought. Scribbled several things on my notebook and after 30 minutes of scribbling and thinking, ideas started flowing once again.

Now when I am typing this article, I feel extremely motivated and strangely hopeful. It is a new beginning and am ready to face LIFE head-on.  ❤



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